JOO  Laser  Equipment  Company
JOO Laser Equipment Company specializes in identifying equipment research and development, production and sales. Main products include laser marking machine, laser printer, ink-jet coding machines. The spirit of quality first, customer-oriented service approach, located in Changan town, Dongguan city dopexamine and commercial building on the third floor. In Guangzhou, Zhuhai and other separate pre-market after-sales service outlets. Since its establishment, staff dedicated professionalism, always put everything to first approach. In the General new old customers ongoing support, like have sprung up fast-growing, products and reputation to win the unanimous recognition on the market. Identifies the equipment staff will become more outstanding service to our customers. Pioneering, realistic fine! All along, the equipment is very focused on product development and technology original innovation. We have a high level of internal cultivation and grew up in optics, electronics, precision machinery and the software professional research team

JOO Laser Equipment Company